Wednesday, 30 April 2008


time for rest and recuperation. yup, my boy flew back to south africa yesterday.
house feels so empty...
he'll be back!

well... that was monday!

where are we now? yup, wednesday...definitely wednesday. where did tuesday go?

did you know?
glasgow has a necropolis! yup, perched up above the city, looming dark and gothic ... especially on a grey and dampish day.
myself, i would have been more than happy to stand... gawking in touristic fashion... from the bottom of the hill.
i like graveyards, i do ... no really! but this necropolis looked foreboding, the rain heavy sky looked foreboding and man oh man that hill looked steep.
plus i had already walked from one side of glasgow to the other... in search of dali's 'st. john of the cross'. the painting which had moved from where it should have been to where it actually is. my boy's tourist guide book was very out of date!

the boy wanted to experience and who am i to say him nay. fascinating place, the hill was steep but we kept being overtaken by joggers running up the hill! the wet kept itself to an almost invisible mizzle. glasgow necropolis, city of the dead...worth a visit.
by the way ... the view from the top is stunning.


Margo Moon said...

Gotta remember 'invisible mizzle.' Love that.

And the hill does indeed look like a great cardio workout.

Glad the visit was happy!

Hahn at Home said...

What? You weren't joggin' up it yourself?

Glad you had time to spend with your baby. I'm going to go spend time with mine right now.

Mike S said...

Ah, another graveyard fan. I just love the old ones found in the woods that used to be farmland, before the would-be farmers gave up growing rocks and moved west. Lotta history therein.

Drowning Pisces said...

Would LOVE to visit! I like graveyards too especially the OLD ones!