Wednesday, 16 April 2008

when the sun shines

picture by CindyAyers

my head!
shona and i did lunch yesterday. tuesday is our doing lunch day.
we eat too much, we drink to much and we set the world to rights.
as anyone can see ... shona is a bad influence!
only kidding babe ;-) ya to bits!

today is wednesday, the sun is shining again, that makes four days in a row! my rainbow maker is working overtime and i am trying hard not to put the kaibosh on things by imagining that winter might be over.

my sweet lady rav is bankrupting me, she needed new brake shoes... very expensive. i should be so lucky to sashay around in shoes that cost that much. in addition MOT/licence time has arrived and today she visits her local gp (garage proprietor) for her annual check up...

a broken tooth ...
a crown...
a thought...
a memory...

the chair

i used to be younger
well were we not all
being younger then older
is life's siren call

i used to have teeth
which a mouse liked to buy
then the market dried up
and i still wonder why

as i grew older
a new way was found
i called on a dentist
to be drilled and crowned

at first i sat up
fairly straight in a chair
in sight of his drills
a dead scary affair

as i waited my turn
i would hear that drill whine
reminding me clearly
it would soon be my time

to be prodded and poked
with tools straight from hell
the drills then were dry
and burning teeth smell

now days it is different
with water they drill
and a nurse with a vacuum
makes sure it won't spill

down your lips and your chin
which are numbed up with drugs
while your cheeks are distended
with cotton wool plugs

the chairs tilt right back
and the doc wears a mask
once you really can't talk
they have questions to ask

must say i am grateful
for all their attention
without it i'd suffer
pain too ghastly to mention

i still have my teeth
well most are my own
as i grow older
i find my teeth prone

to damage and breakage
which calls for repair
i just don't feel gorgeous
with a tooth that's not there

so bless the dear dentists
i'll visit a while
without them.. well damn
i'd be missing my smile

All materials Copyright © 2004-2008 by Eryll Oellermann

1 comment:

Puddock said...

Well done you! There aren't many people who could make me smile at the thought of the dentist, but you did.

Like you, I worry about my teeth crumbling away the older I get. The younger generation don't seem to have the negative image of dentists that we do. My son told me a few years ago that he thought dentists were jolly useful people, and nothing to be nervous about - mind you, he has never needed more than a checkup, the lucky beast.

But that helped me look at them in a more positive way. It's still not quite like going to the hairdresser but I'm TRYING to see it as a good, positive thing to do...