Monday, 7 April 2008

no, not really

sunday i took one small step back into the scary world of dating.

i am not that sure about my readiness to embark on this new adventure. i am not at all sure i even want to. but... heck man ... the clock is ticking. my sell by date is rapidly approaching...

so i gathered my courage, sidled over to the dating ladder...thought of a hundred good reasons for chickening out.
spoke firmly with myself.
after all it was only coffee...
and in the morning nogal!
tentatively i placed a nervous foot on the first rung of the dating ladder.

she had the most beautiful, brilliant, light green eyes i have ever seen.
and let us not forget that i have been around a while!
she did not bite, i could understand nearly ninety percent of what she said, she was funny and nice. just a woman looking for love. she paid for my coffee - always an excellent sign.she assured me that she enjoyed loud music, loved children and was not about to become a vegetarian...she even smokes ;-)
there we are...practically perfect!

no violins, but on the other hand, the sky did not fall. we had an enjoyable conversation. the lady in question is eager to see me again, i have been invited up to visit her at home ... she lives on the east coast of scotland, about 35 minutes from edinburgh. she will be down in my part of the world until friday and we have agreed to meet again on thursday, before she leaves for home.

am i, not really.


Margo Moon said...

Well, well, well. Now I have to scour all your previous posts for your definition of 'ready,' because it sounds like you have a pretty good idea what that'll be like. Ready, I mean. Heh.

As always, good luck, podna!

Puddock said...

Hi Eryll!

Haven't visited for a while. Well done you on dipping a toe into the world of dating! I'd like to but haven't summoned up the courage yet...anyway, I despair of meeting anyone half decent (and single) up here in the wild and woolly Highlands.

It sounds like you are really settling in to village life down there in my home county. How I miss the openness of the people - sometimes verging on nosiness, but always interested in you and what you're up to - people down there always look you straight in the eye. Sigh! I miss it so.

reeflightning said...

hi puddock
yep, these folks are the salt of the earth!
as for the dating thing...
i have come to the unwelcome conclusion that 'the harder i look' the less likely i am to meet a new special some one. :-)