Sunday, 20 April 2008

why do birds sing?

i woke up really early this morning. five o'clock and i found myself standing on the wonderful verandah which surrounds the beautiful victorian house in which i am so fortunate to reside. damn! that is one really long sentence!

the a77 was quiet, no gargantuan trucks roaring through the village on their way to the ferry and ireland. so there i am, enjoying my first coffee and smoke of the day. i am not freezing my arse off...which makes for a change. i am enjoying the half light, the silence and the birdsong. i find it interesting, that ... for myself anyway...the birdsong does not negate the silence!

there, in the gloaming, i could just about make out a bird sitting on the telephone wire. i have no idea which particular type of bird it was...but, this boyo could sing. a joyful sound, an ever changing tune. as my soul settled into the peace of merely being i became aware of a question and answer sequence between my neighbouring bird and another, much further away.
were they talking...who knows? but great jumping jiggleworms... those two birds were communicating!

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Mike S said...

How fitting that I come back to reading blogs and read this. Just this morning at about 0430 I was awakened by the singing of a whole flock of our feathered brethren in the trees beside our bedroom window.